Volume 22, Issue 1 | Spring 2023

Editors’ Welcome

Happy spring—or fall, depending on your latitude!

Over the past year we have discovered that few people know that Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide’s parent organization and publisher is the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art (AHNCA), which gave birth to the journal in 2001. As a reminder of this connection, AHNCA and NCAW organized a joint Zoom event in January—an interview by Lynda Nead (Birbeck, University of London) of Adrienne L. Childs (independent scholar, art historian, and curator) and Nicola Jennings (Athena Art Foundation), guest curators of the exhibition The Colour of Anxiety: Race, Sexuality and Disorder in Victorian Sculpture, which was on view at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds from November 25, 2022 to February 26, 2023. A video recording of this interview appears in this issue of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide. Similar cosponsored events are planned for the future.

NCAW’s expenses are offset, in part, by AHNCA membership dues. Just as members of PBS contribute to television programming that everyone, even nonmembers, can see, so AHNCA members contribute to NCAW because they value the journal and want to support it. If you similarly appreciate the articles and reviews in NCAW, please become an AHNCA member.

The idea for the joint AHNCA/NCAW event came from our editorial advisory board, which has been actively involved in steering the journal into the future. We take this opportunity to introduce two new members of that board: Keren Hammerschlag (Australian National University) and Allison Leigh (University of Louisiana, Lafayette).

We also want to thank two members whose board terms recently ended: Sally Webster and Peter Trippi. Both have a long history with NCAW as well as with AHNCA. Sally, besides serving on the editorial advisory board, was the coauthor, with David Schwittek, of a stellar Terra Foundation-funded Digital Art History article in NCAW. She also served as AHNCA treasurer in the organization’s early years.

Peter Trippi was founding coeditor of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide and co–guest editor, with Martina Droth, of a special summer issue (2015) on “Change/Continuity: Writing about Art in Britain before and after 1900.” He also served as treasurer and president of AHNCA. As treasurer he obtained 501(c)3 status for the organization. In 2003, he initiated the Dahesh Museum-sponsored Annual Graduate Student Symposium in Nineteenth-Century Art, which has become a signature event for AHNCA that also benefits NCAW.

We thank both Peter and Sally for all they have done for NCAW as well as for AHNCA; neither could exist without the efforts of dedicated volunteers like them.