Volume 20, Issue 1 | Spring 2021

Editors’ Welcome

With this issue, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide enters its twentieth year. It is an occasion for celebration and an opportunity to look at the past, the present, as well as into the future.

Looking at the past: we have added the history of the journal, which details some of the highlights of the last nineteen years, to the About the Journal section on the homepage. Here, we want to draw attention to one of the founding editors, Peter Trippi, not only because of his key role in the establishment of NCAW, but also because, from 2013 to 2021, he was the president of the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art (AHNCA), NCAW’s publisher. AHNCA and NCAW owe a huge debt of gratitude to Peter for all he has done for both. Under his leadership, AHNCA has flourished. Peter improved and enriched the AHNCA website and assured the continuation of the newsletter. During his presidency, he also advised the NCAW Editorial Board on budget matters, particularly related to grants. AHNCA and NCAW want to thank him very much for all of his guidance and support over the years, and we hope that he will stay closely connected.

Looking at the present: volume 20, issue 1 ushers in a new design for NCAW, intended at once to give it a fresh face and to improve both its functionality on the front end and its archiving and preservation on the back end. We are grateful to our executive editor, Isabel Taube, who has coordinated the redesign, and to our web developer, Allan McLeod, for the creativity he has brought to bear on the new design and the work he has done to implement it. Access and preservation advisor Alexandra Provo has given valuable advice on ways to improve archiving, indexing, and the collection and distribution of metadata. We thank her and all those AHNCA members who responded to our survey and sent us suggestions for ways in which the design of the journal might be improved. Finally, we thank the Robert Lehman Foundation for providing the funds to make the redesign possible. We are especially grateful to Executive Director Francesca Valerio and to Trustee Angela Weisl for their support.

Looking into the future: we hope to continue to live up to our vision of being a worldwide journal that publishes articles by scholars across the world on the widest possible range of topics, with regard to makers, consumers, media, and points of view. In so doing, we hope to contribute to the creation of a truly global history of nineteenth-century art.