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Sweet sixteen!

This issue ushers in our sixteenth year of publication and our thirty-sixth individual issue. Averaging five articles and ten reviews per issue, we have published approximately 180 articles and 360 book and exhibition reviews. It is an accomplishment to which many have contributed.

We are pleased to announce that Alexandra Provo will join the editorial board as Access and Preservation Advisor. She succeeds Deborah Ultan Boudewyn, whom we thank very much for her past contributions. Alex is Digital Production Editor for the NYU library system. She has an MS in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute and has previously worked at Yale University, Harvard (Villa I Tatti), and Pratt Institute.

Since last fall, NCAW editors have been busy promoting digital publishing. At the annual meeting of the College Art Association, they ran a professional development workshop on digital publishing during which prospective authors interested in digital art history (or simply in publishing in digital formats) consulted with others who have already done so. They also organized a meeting with editors of other digital journals for the purpose of sharing information and experiences.

The workshop and the consortium meeting were an outflow of a symposium NCAW organized in the fall at NYU with the help of grants from the Kress Foundation and the NYU Center for the Humanities. Entitled Publishing Art History Digitally: The Present and the Future, this two-day symposium had a “public” and a “closed” day. The public day featured a keynote talk by Greg Albers, Digital Publications Manager at the J. Paul Getty Trust, as well as a panel discussion devoted to “writing, creating, editing” and another to “print tradition and digital potential and challenges.” The closed day was devoted to a meeting of e-journal editors that led to the idea of forming a consortium. For the symposium proceedings, see For a list of speakers, see

As always, we thank all of you who have helped and are helping to make NCAW a success: our editors, copy editors, and web developer, our authors and reviewers, and our readers across the world. Please contact us and send us your feedback so that we can continue improving your reading experience.