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“In the Park”: Lewis Miller’s Chronicle of American Landscape at Mid-Century
by Therese O'Malley and Kathryn R. Barush

with Emily Pugh, Jessica Ruse, and Courtney Tompkins


II. Lewis Miller’s “Guide to Central Park”

A fully annotated digital facsimile of Lewis Miller’s “Guide to Central Park” supplements the scholarly essays that contextualize the album. In addition to viewing each page of the album, the reader can access more detailed information about the “Guide“ and what it depicts:

Icon, Transcription and Description Clicking on the “Transcription and Description” icon in the upper-right corner of the viewer will launch a popup window containing a transcription of Miller’s text (with translation where necessary), along with a general description of the page. Note that Miller’s idiosyncratic spelling has been maintained in the transcription.

Icon, Transcription and Description Clicking the “Notes and Sources” icon, also in the upper-right corner, will highlight elements on the page for which there is further information, including links to textual and visual sources and related material.

The project has attempted to use primarily open-access sources. There are some important exceptions that are not accessible without subscription, although full citation is provided.