Proposing a Special Issue

The editors of NCAW are now accepting proposals for thematic special issues, to be published in the summer of any year.

Guest editors interested in proposing a special issue should submit a proposal to the co-managing editors, Petra Chu and Isabel Taube (editors[at], which includes the following:

1. A summary of the intellectual aims of the special issue topic, including:

a. A brief overview of other publications that address the topic and an explanation describing how the special issue would differ from and add to that literature
b. Desired number of articles and anticipated total word count
c. Whether all articles have already been solicited, whether the guest editors would put out an open call for papers, or a combination of the two
d. Proposed summer of publication

2. A list of proposed articles together with:

a. An abstract for each article (300–500 words)
b. A bio for each author (up to 250 words each)
c. Advice as to whether any of the articles will include digital components (see Digital Art History Submissions for details) or use digital-publishing tools like GIFs, image zoom, or imported sound/video

3. Budget

Please note that guest editors must raise funds for special issues on their own. Please contact the co-managing editors with any questions about submissions.