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reviews welcome phantom As part of its mission, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide has a strong interest in providing reviews of significant exhibitions and publications to those in the field. In order to make these reviews relevant and timely, it is essential that we be informed of upcoming exhibitions and published books as quickly as possible. When it has been established that they merit a review in this journal, we must rely on contributors to turn in their reviews promptly so that currency and accuracy can be assured for our readership.
For an exhibition review, it is imperative that the reviewer examine the issues of the show. Equally important, however, is a discussion of the contribution of the accompanying exhibition catalogue, if there is one. These publications are the lasting document of a show and, for many, are the only opportunity to "see" the installation.
One final point should be made. The description of an exhibition, no matter how precise, is no substitute for a visual record. For this reason we want to complement discussion, wherever possible, with examples of the works as well as visual reference points of actual installations. It is hoped that installation photos from several venues will become available at some point in the future, allowing us to see the different ways in which shows were modified at individual sites.
This journal offers a rare opportunity to increase the global record of exhibitions in nineteenth-century art, and we look forward to meeting the challenge that lies before us.

Gabriel P. Weisberg
Book Review Editor