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This issue features the last Mellon-funded article in our Digital Humanities and Art History series. Though the funding has stopped, we hope to continue publishing digital art history articles. To this end, we have asked Elizabeth Buhe to join us as Project Manager and Publication Developer, “Digital Humanities and Art History.” She will replace Emily Pugh, who started as our web developer and then went on to help us write the Mellon grant and develop the DH initiative. We thank both—Emily for all she has done and continues to do for NCAW, Elizabeth for joining our board.

We are proud of the result of our DH initiative thus far. The Mellon-sponsored articles clearly demonstrate that digital approaches can lead to insights and conclusions that cannot be achieved by traditional means. They also show the variety of possibilities offered by DH ranging from various forms of mapping to 3-D modeling and visualization. Some of our Mellon articles do not, strictly speaking, fall into the DH category, but they are exemplary of the range of possibilities offered by digital publishing, which allows for an unlimited number of images (useful, for example, in the publication of sketchbooks), for multiple links, and, generally, for a richer interface between text and image than traditional publishing.

In order to keep DH articles coming, we are currently planning a workshop on DH publishing, which will take place in the spring. Though the planned workshop will be open to all (not just nineteenth-century specialists), we hope at least some potential NCAW authors will attend. Stay tuned . . . Meanwhile, if you already have a project, please consult our cfp for DH articles at

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