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With this issue, we inaugurate a series of articles that make full use of the electronic medium through which Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is delivered. As we told you in NCAW’s spring 2012 issue, at the beginning of this year we received a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support new approaches to digital research on the part of contributing authors, and to publish articles with enriched media content such as computer graphics, architectural modeling, and streaming video. We are delighted to publish in this issue an article by Anne Helmreich and Pamela Fletcher that, we believe, clearly illustrates the possibilities of digital humanities research applied to the history of nineteenth-century art. It is also exemplary for the direction in which we want to move NCAW, though we realize that there are numerous other models, all of which we encourage.  If, after you have read the Helmreich/Fletcher article, you feel inspired and want to propose a Mellon-funded contribution, please contact Petra Chu: petra.chu[at] or Emily Pugh: emily[at] For more information, please see the call for proposals.

Of course, it never was and, as far as the current editors are concerned, never will be the goal to forego non-digitally-enabled scholarship and publications. The remaining articles in this issue clearly indicate that such “traditional” scholarship will remain the norm and offer its own inherent possibilities for renewal.