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This special issue of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is dedicated to Patricia M. Mainardi, scholar, teacher, and friend to all those who, in one way or another, have contributed to it. It is intended to show our appreciation to Pat for her important contributions to nineteenth-century art history. The authors of the articles in this issue are Pat’s former students, who wish to honor and thank her on the occasion of her retirement from her long teaching career at the City University of New York. It is fitting that NCAW should be the place for Pat’s Album Discipulorum, as the journal is published by the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art, of which Pat is the founder. Pat’s importance for AHNCA is highlighted by Elizabeth Mansfield elsewhere in this issue; her role as a teacher at CUNY is chronicled by Sally Webster.

We owe thanks to many for the realization of this issue. To Pat, most of all, as she trained this issue's authors as historians of nineteenth-century art. We also thank the authors for their contributions, and Robert Alvin Adler, our copy editor, and Emily Pugh, our web developer, for their role in making this issue a reality.

We are grateful to several institutions for their financial support of this issue: the Dahesh Museum of Art, Christie’s Education, and the CUNY Graduate Center. At the Dahesh Museum of Art, we especially thank Mervat and Amira Zahid for their unfailing interest in AHNCA and NCAW. Véronique Chagnon-Burke and Kevin Murphy were instrumental in making the contributions from the CUNY Graduate Center and Christie’s Education possible. Others who have supported this issue financially are Annette Blaugrund, Petra Chu, June Hargrove, Herman Lebovics, Michael Mallory, Elizabeth Mansfield, Linda Nochlin, James Rubin, Peter Trippi, Sally Webster, and Yvonne and Gabriel P. Weisberg.

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Gabriel P. Weisberg