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In last issue’s Editors’ Welcome, we informed you of many positive developments at NCAW, including a new digital humanities publishing initiative supported by a grant from the Terra Foundation for American Art. The first article in the Terra series appears in this issue.

NCAW has joined the not-for-profit membership organization Crossref, which is an official Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation. During the next few months, we will begin to assign a DOI to all current and past articles and reviews. DOIs provide persistent and stable links to the Internet and have become the standard means for preserving and maintaining the longevity of online publications.

Gallery Michael in Beverly Hills, a long-time backer of NCAW, once again has made a generous donation to the journal. We are grateful to Michael Schwartz for his continued support.

Ending on a sad note, after sixteen years of serving as NCAW’s article editor, Robert (“Bob”) Alvin Adler has decided to retire. We will sorely miss his dedication to the journal, his intelligent and careful editing, and, most importantly, his sense of humor. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.