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We have been hearing much, of late, about the waning interest in nineteenth-century art. As mentioned in an earlier Editors’ Welcome (Spring 2014), we, at Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, have not noticed this trend. We still get a healthy offering of articles; we find plenty of books and exhibitions to review, and it seems that our readership is steady.

Another reason to be optimistic about the “future” of nineteenth-century art history is the news that the Dahesh Museum is reopening in New York City in a building at 178 East 64th Street. The reopening was announced on January 20, 2015, the very day of the twentieth anniversary of the museum’s founding, with an exhibition and reception in the new space. The museum will not officially open until sometime in the summer as the building, a large brownstone previously used as a home, will need to be adapted to its new purpose.

We are especially pleased about this new phase in the life of the Dahesh Museum, as both AHNCA and NCAW have long had close ties with the museum, which for years has hosted and sponsored AHNCA’s annual Graduate Student Symposium in Nineteenth-Century Art as well as the publication in NCAW of the best presentation at the symposium. In this issue, we are pleased to publish the paper of last year’s "winner” Ulf Dingerdissen, a recent PhD from the University of Goettingen in Germany.

So, congratulations to the Dahesh Museum! Congratulations to our authors! And long live the nineteenth century!