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welcome phantom Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide has just celebrated its sixth birthday and as we, the editors, were blowing out the candles on the cake, we talked about how much of its success we owe to our web designer and copy editors. Emily Pugh conceived the template as well as the "look" of the journal, has designed every issue to date, and has made it into, what one well-known blogger has called, "perhaps the most beautiful scholarly, peer-reviewed online journal that's freely accessible." Robert Alvin Adler and Janet Whitmore, who copy-edit the articles and the book reviews, respectively, have been dedicated to their tasks, and, better still, have done them with grace and humor. We are extremely grateful to all three of them. phantom
While we are singling out these three people this time, we are always grateful to those who contribute to the journal: the authors who submit their articles and reviews; the articles' reviewers; the journal's financial supporters; and finally, those of you who visit our site (some 600,000 hits a month) and in so doing encourage us to continue what we are doing – we thank you all!
Finally, to keep Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide as good as it is and to keep it freely accessible, we need your help, especially in the form of financial contributions. One painless way to give to the journal is by ordering art books that are reviewed in NCAW through our site. A direct link to or Alibris is provided. You don't pay any extra for your book but and Alibris pay us a small percentage. Of course, if you want to help even more, we won't talk you out of it. Please click on How to Support the Journal.