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welcome phantom In our last "Editors' Welcome," we gloried in the fact that Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide gets an average of 40,000 hits and 4,800 page views per day. While we feel that this is a sign of success, there are some who are of the opinion that these numbers are a negative indicator. On occasion we still hear the comment that, because it is freely available on the Worldwide Web, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide must be a non-scholarly, popular journal. The fact that everyone and anyone has access to it diminishes it in the eyes of those who feel that an academic journal should be tucked away in a university library or a scholar's study. phantom
It should be obvious that the editors of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide maintain that it is the quality of the articles and reviews and not its limited accessibility that makes a journal academic or "scholarly." And it should be similarly clear that they see it as their responsibility to publish the best and latest research that is done in the field of nineteenth-century art history. Indeed, all articles that appear in the journal are peer-reviewed by experts in the field; a rigid weeding-out process eliminates 50-60% of the manuscripts submitted. Book and exhibition reviews are written by specialists. Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is indexed in the Art Index and several full-text databases that university libraries subscribe to. Seventy-five academic libraries include the publication in their catalogs.
In sum, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is a scholarly journal by all traditional criteria except one. It is free and available to all.