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Many good things have happened to NCAW since the last issue.

Funding and Donations:

The Terra Foundation of American Art has awarded us a grant of $50,000 to publish a group of digital humanities articles on American art. The first article in the Terra-sponsored series will appear in the spring of 2018. For information on how to submit a proposal for possible publication in this series, please see our Call for Proposals.

The Mervat Zahid Cultural Foundation, which has been a faithful and generous supporter of AHNCA and NCAW, has promised to renew its support with a grant of $20,000 over the next three years.

And an anonymous donor has given $100,000 for NCAW’s Endowment Fund!!!

Licensing Policy:

We have decided to update our licensing policy according to the Creative Commons CC BY-NC International 4.0 license. We are going to make this policy retroactive, and those of you who have published an article or a book or exhibition review in NCAW should have received a notice about this change.

Advisory Board:

From the time of the foundation of NCAW, we have had the same advisory board. We recently decided to introduce term limits. We have contacted all board members, first, to thank them for their services, and second, to ask them whether they want to continue on the board—with the proviso that the maximum time they can serve, from now on, is five years. Some board members have responded that they will stay on, for anywhere from one to five years; others have decided to relinquish their position and make a place for others. The list of advisory board members that you see on the site now reflects all those changes.

“About the Journal” Section of the Website:

We have updated the “About the Journal” section of the NCAW site, specifically to add new information regarding the submission of digital humanities articles as well as our updated licensing policy.


Tess Korobkin has received the 2016 Robert Smith Award from the Decorative Arts Society for her article, “Hiram Powers’s Greek Slave and the Materialities of Reproduction.” Congratulations to Tess! And to the editors and authors of the special summer 2016 issue on the Greek Slave, which has received high praise generally.