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This is the last issue of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide to be fully designed and managed by Emily Pugh. Emily has been with Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide since its foundation eleven years ago. It is no exaggeration to say that without her the journal might never have come to pass. She designed it from scratch and has continued to nurture it, aesthetically as well as technologically, to the present day. Her enthusiasm, skill, reliability, and patience have been invaluable to the journal, and we’ll miss her tremendously.

There are some bright points. First of all, we have found a wonderful successor to Emily. Starting with the spring issue, Allan McLeod, art historian, artist, and web designer, residing in the UK, will be NCAW’s webmaster. In addition, Emily will remain involved with NCAW, as co-coordinator of the Mellon grant and designer of the digital humanities articles published under its auspices. So, we won’t lose her altogether, and, of course, we’ll never lose her as a friend.

Unfortunately, due to special circumstances, this issue will not have a Mellon-funded article but we’ll be back with a special treat in the spring.