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NCAW has three separate parts: articles, reviews, and New Discoveries. In most issues, the articles and the reviews take up the lion's share of the journal. This time, we decided to highlight New Discoveries in an effort to encourage more authors to contribute to this section. The aim of New Discoveries is to focus on an object or small group of objects little known in the community of nineteenth-century art historians. In some cases, these works are indeed entirely unpublished. The porcelain-mounted library tables by Louis-François Bellangé, discussed in this issue by Sylvain Cordier, may serve as an example. In other cases, the work in question may have been published long ago but its subsequent disappearance from the scene may have caused it to be entirely forgotten. An example is Louis-Marius Garcin’s copy of Bellini’s Madonna degli alberetti, once owned by Théophile Gautier, discussed in this issue by Paolo Tortonese.

If you have an idea for a contribution for this section, please contact us; we welcome your ideas and suggestions. You may even want to pose a riddle to the readers of NCAW, along the lines of the one we posed in the last issue about the attribution of a painting descriptively titled Young Woman Lying on a Meadow Looking at Swans.