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welcome phantom Welcome to the 10th issue of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide! We are proud to have not merely survived but flourished during the first five years of our existence and we thank you all for you contributions, your encouragement (especially financial), and your "hits." Keep them coming! phantom
It has always been our goal for Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide to attract the broadest possible audience—geographically as well as sociologically, and we have tried hard to appeal to all the "communities" from which Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide draws its strength—academics, collectors, dealers, and museum curators.
With that in mind, we started, in our last issue, a new rubric that we hope will broaden our already broad appeal: "New Discoveries" highlights unpublished works of nineteenth-century art that recently have appeared on the market or have been acquired by a museum or private collector.
For the first installment of "New Discoveries," James Rubin wrote a fascinating essay on a newly discovered portrait that he convincingly attributed to Eugène Delacroix and identified as the artist's nephew Charles de Verninac. In the current issue, Petra Chu writes about a hitherto unpublished early work by the Belgian painter Léon Fréderic. We strongly encourage all readers of Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide to bring important new discoveries in nineteenth-century art to our attention, be they paintings, sculptures, prints, or works of decorative art. It is not necessary to provide us with a text but a good photograph of the work is essential.
Please send all proposals to Martha Lucy at mlucy[at]