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welcome phantom With this issue, NCAW launches the "Museum News Forum," a "go-to" site for historians of nineteenth-century art interested in what lies ahead in the most innovative museums in the field, and who want to know how they can participate more actively in these museums' upcoming projects. The founding participants in this new Forum are The Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Dahesh Museum in New York, and the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We hope and expect that numerous museums will follow their example. To find out more about participation, please contact Petra Chu at phantom
    As we told you in our last issue, NCAW is now indexed by the Art Index and by BHA, both of which provide the full text of all articles. We also have been selected for long-time preservation by LOCKSS (, a digital archiving project run out of Stanford University. This should be good news for those of you who have been worrying that your publication in NCAW might not outlast current web technology.  
    We are happy to announce that we will continue our project of publishing papers presented at selected symposia as special NCAW issues. After last year's publication of the "Darwin" symposium, organized by New York University's Institute of Fine Arts (see issue 2:2, 2003), we intend to publish, in the spring of 2005, the papers from an upcoming symposium entitled L'Art Nouveau: La Maison Bing, organized by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. For those of you who might be interested in a similar joint venture in the future, please contact Petra Chu, Managing Editor of NCAW, at or Martha Lucy, Executive Editor of NCAW at  
    As always, our sincere thanks go to our sponsors, as well as to our authors and our anonymous peer reviewers. We are grateful as well to Robert Alvin Adler and Janet Whitmore, the copy-editors of this issue, as well as to our web designer Emily Pugh.