Autumn 2017 | Volume 16, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 17

Gal Ventura, “A Melancholic Artist and a Choleric Publisher in Honoré Daumier's Print Series L'Imagination”; Alisa Luxenberg, “Originality and Freedom: The 1863 Reforms to the École des Beaux-Arts and the Involvement of Léon Bonnat”; Lynn Catterson, “From Florence, to London, to New York: Mr. Morgan’s Bronze Doors”; Jeroen van der Boon, “Nikolaĭ Gritsenko, Hollande (Holland)” . . .

Spring 2017 | Volume 16, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 17

María Isabel Baldasarre, “Buenos Aires: An Art Metropolis in the Late Nineteenth Century”; Claire Black McCoy, “Made to Measure: Eugène Guillaume’s Michelangelo”; Agnès Penot, “The Perils and Perks of Trading Art Overseas: Goupil’s New York Branch”; Dominique Morel, “Henry Cros, La Belle Viole and Circe, Flora, and Medea” . . .

Autumn 2016 | Volume 15, Issue 3
NCAW | Autumn 16

Maria A. Dorofeeva, “Art, Criminology, and the Re-invention of the Spanish Gypsy”; Julia K. Dabbs, “The Travel Writings of May Alcott Nieriker”; Naurice Frank Woods Jr., “White Slavery, the Abolitionists’ Crusade, and the Painter’s Canvas”; Maura Lyons, “Landscape Imagery in Popular Representations of African American Soldiers during the Civil War”; Isabel L. Taube, “William Merritt Chase’s Cosmopolitan Eclecticism”; Tomoko Ando, “Rodin’s Reputation in Great Britain” . . .

Summer 2016 | Volume 15, Issue 2
NCAW | Summer 16

Special issue on The Greek Slave by Hiram Powers, co-sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art and the Yale Center for British Art. Guest edited by Martina Droth and Michael Hatt.

Spring 2016 | Volume 15, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 16

Emily Pugh, with Elizabeth Buhe and Petra Chu, “Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide’s ‘Digital Humanities and Art History’: Reflections on Our First Articles”; Peter Christensen, “Theodor Rocholl and the Time of a Reluctant Cosmopolite”; Jonathan P. Ribner, “L’Année terrible Viewed by John Tenniel”; Julia Thoma, “Panorama of War: The Salle de Crimée in Versailles” . . .

Autumn 2015 | Volume 14, Issue 3
NCAW | Autumn 15

Dana E. Byrd, “Hilton Head Island’s Journey to Freedom, 1860–1865”; Mary Slavkin, “Central Exhibitors at the Salons of the Rose + Croix”; Asiel Sepúlveda, “Humor and Social Hygiene in Havana’s Nineteenth-Century Cigarette Marquillas”; Philippe Willems, “Léonce Petit’s Les bonnes gens de province & Histoires campagnardes”; Christopher Carlsmith, “Benjamin-Constant’s Murals in the Ames-Webster House, Boston” . . .

Summer 2015 | Volume 14, Issue 2
NCAW | Summer 15

Special Issue: Change/Continuity: Writing About Art in Britain Before and After 1900, sponsored by the Marc Fitch Fund. Guest edited by Martina Droth and Peter Trippi. Julie Codell, “Modernism, Revisionism, and National Culture in the Writings of M. H. Spielmann”; Jason Edwards, “Edmund Gosse and Sculptural Modernity” . . .

Spring 2015 | Volume 14, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 15

Lindsay Harris, “Rome and the John Henry Parker Photography Collection, 1864–1879”; Francesco Freddolini, “Marketing Nineteenth-Century Italian Sculpture across the Atlantic”; Emily C. Burns, “The American Art Association of Paris in 1908”; Michael D. Garval, “French Belle Époque Pig Postcards”; Ulf Dingerdissen, “The Riepenhausen Brothers and Their Etchings for Life and Death of Saint Genevieve” . . .

Autumn 2014 | Volume 13, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 14

Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, “Mapping the ‘White, Marmorean Flock’: Anne Whitney Abroad, 1867–1868”; William L. Coleman, “Sibelius, Gallen-Kallela, and the Symposium: Painting Music in Fin-de-Siècle Finland”; Lela Kerley, “Merriment, Medical Humor, and Masculinity at the Bal de l'Internat, 1897–1911”; Marni Reva Kessler, “Parsing Edgar Degas’s Le Pédicure” . . .

Spring 2014 | Volume 13, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 14

Elizabeth Buhe, “Sculpted Glyphs: Egypt and the Musée Charles X”; Jonathan P. Ribner, “On a Repainting by Millet”; Allison Morehead, “Understanding and Translating: Gauguin and Strindberg in 1895”; Sarah C. Schaefer, “The Archaeology of the Doré Bible”; Erin Dusza, “Pan-Slavism in Alphonse Mucha’s Slav Epic” . . .

Autumn 2013 | Volume 12, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 13

Elizabeth Melanson, “Melanson, Renoir and the Influence of Jewish Patrons”; Steven R. Adams, “Art, Commodity, and Commerce in Post-Revolutionary Paris”; Emily M. Weeks, “(Re)Discovering John Frederick Lewis (1804–76)”; Taylor J. Acosta reviews Thomas Eakins and the Uses of History; Gretchen Sinnett reviews Angels and Tomboys: Girlhood in 19th-Century American Art . . .

Spring 2013 | Volume 12, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 13

Therese O’Malley and Kathryn R. Barush, “‘In the Park’: Lewis Miller's Chronicle of American Landscape at Mid-Century”; Maya Jiménez, “Modernism and the Nude in Colombian Art”; Jane Van Nimmen reviews Klimt Year in Vienna: Part Two; Marjorie Schreiber Kinsey reviews Breaking the Mold: The Legacy of the Noah L. and Muriel S. Butkin Collection of Nineteenth-Century French Art . . .

Autumn 2012 | Volume 11, Issue 3
NCAW | Autumn 12

Anne Helmreich and Pamela Fletcher, “Local/Global: Mapping Nineteenth-Century London’s Art Market”; Chelsea Foxwell, “Toshio Aoki, a Japanese Artist in California”; Camelia Erroune reviews Empress Eugénie and the Arts: Politics and Visual Culture in the Nineteenth Century by Alison McQueen; Alba Campo Rosillo reviews Snapshot: Painters and Photography, 1888–1915 . . .

Summer 2012 | Volume 11, Issue 2
NCAW | Summer 12

Special Issue in Honor of Patricia Mainardi.
Heather Lemonedes, “A Neoclassical Drawing by John Flaxman”; Caterina Y. Pierre, “Louis-Ernest Barrias and Modern Allegories of Technology”; Craig Houser, “Reviving the American Art-Union and the Market for United States Art in the Gilded Age” . . .

Spring 2012 | Volume 11, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 12

Tania Woloshyn, “Aesthetic and Therapeutic Imprints: Artists and Invalids on the Côte d’Azur, ca. 1890–1910”; Karl Whittington, “Caspar David Friedrich’s Medieval Burials”; James H. Rubin reviews The New Courbet Museum Opening and Exhibition, Courbet/Clésinger; Alba Campo Rosillo reviews Russia’s Unknown Orient: Orientalist Painting 1850–1920 . . .

Autumn 2011 | Volume 10, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 11

Anja Butenschön, “An Expiatory Chapel for Marie-Antoinette”; Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, “The Copyist Emma Conant Church in Paris and Rome”; Cheryl K. Snay reviews reviews The Diary of J.J. Grandville and the Missouri Album by Clive F. Getty; Marjorie Schreiber Kinsey reviews Nineteenth-Century Landscape Photographers in the Americas: Artists, Journeymen or Entrepreneurs? . . .

Spring 2011 | Volume 10, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 11

Chris Coltrin on Three Paintings of the Exodus by John Martin, Francis Danby, and David Roberts; Thor J. Mednick on Danish Internationalism; Taylor J. Acosta reviews Victoria & Albert: Art & Love edited by Jonathan Marsden; Sietske Roorda reviews Menzel’s Extreme Realism; Normandie impressionniste: An Art Historical Travelogue by James Rubin . . .

Autumn 2010 | Volume 9, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 10

Lela Graybill on Madame Tussaud’s Chamber of Horrors; Keren Rosa Hammerschlag on Frederic Leighton’s And the Sea Gave Up the Dead Which Were In It; Laurinda S. Dixon reviews The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity by Michael Camille; Marsha Morton reviews Edvard Munch and the Uncanny; Caterina Y. Pierre reviews Matisse & Rodin . . .

Spring 2010 | Volume 9, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 10

Susan Waller on A Group of Self-Portraits by Jean-Léon Gérôme; Robert Machado on The Politics of Applied Color in Early Photography; Theresa Leininger-Miller reviews Bessie Potter Vonnoh: Sculptor of Women by Julie Aronson, with an essay by Janis Conner; Sura Levine reviews James Ensor; Rachel Esner reviews Van Gogh’s Letters. The Artist Speaks . . .

Autumn 2009 | Volume 8, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 09

Scott Allan on Gustave Moreau’s “Archaeological Allegory”; Ann Elias on Fantin-Latour in Australia; Marc Fehlmann reviews Ferdinand Hodler. Catalogue Raisonné by Oskar Bätschmann and Paul Müller; Philippa Kaina reviews Edgar Degas: Intimität und Pose . . .

Spring 2009 | Volume 8, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 09

Pamela Warner on Rhetorical Strategies in Edmond de Goncourt’s Japonisme; Joni Spigler on Cézanne’s Still Lifes with Plaster Cupid; Francesca Bavuso reviews Ruth E. Iskin’s Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting; Jane Van Nimmen reviews Van Gogh: Heartflelt Lines . . .

Autumn 2008 | Volume 7, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 08

Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer on Classicism Between Empire and Nation in Nineteenth-Century Europe; Annette Stott on child memorial art of the late nineteenth century; Joel Hollander reviews Laurie Dahlberg’s Victor Regnault and the Advance of Photography; Gabriel P. Weisberg reviews Barcelona 1900 . . .

Spring 2008 | Volume 7, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 08

Michael Garval on the postcard stardom of Cléo de Mérode; Scott C. Allan on Gustave Moreau’s Sphinx; Theresa Leininger-Miller reviews Hiram Powers: Genius in Marble; Radha Dalal reviews Ken Jacobson’s Odalisques and Arabesques . . .

Autumn 2007 | Volume 6, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 07

Alastair Ian Wright on Ford Madox Brown; Anna Brzyski on artist-run exhibition societies; Isabel Taube reviews two Tiffany exhibitions; Janis Bergman-Carton reviews The Most Arrogant Man in France . . .

Spring 2007 | Volume 6, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 07

Patricia Mainardi on The Invention of Comics; Pamela M. Fletcher on Creating the French Gallery; Sarah Sik reviews Evil by Design by Elizabeth Menon; Caterina Pierre reviews Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848–1907). Scultore americano dell’Età d’Oro . . .

Autumn 2006 | Volume 5, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 06

Marni Reva Kessler on Degas’s Woman with a Bandage; Paige A. Conley on Bernard’s Fumeuse de Haschisch; Willa Z. Silverman reviews Sarah Bernhardt: The Art of High Drama; Adrienne Childs reviews Portraits of a People: Picturing African Americans in the Nineteenth Century . . .

Spring 2006 | Volume 5, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 06

Therese Dolan on Manet’s portrait of Emilie Ambre as Carmen; Heather Belnap Jensen on the Journal des Dames et des Modes; New Discoveries:Eugène Delacroix’s Portrait of Charles de Verninac, 1825-26; Nancy Scott reviews Italian Memorial Sculpture; Brooks Beaulieu reviews Girodet . . .

Autumn 2005 | Volume 4, Issue 3
NCAW | Autumn 05

Marc Fehlmann on the intended reconstruction of the Parthenon on Calton Hill; Nancy Siegel on Albert Bierstadt; Sarah Burns reviews Eve’s Daughter/Modern Woman; Daniel Harkett reviews The Power of Conversation: Jewish Women and Their Salons . . .

Summer 2005 | Volume 4, Issue 2: Art Nouveau and Siegfried Bing
NCAW | Summer 05

Special issue on Art Nouveau and Siegfried Bing, co-sponsored by the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Guest edited by Gabriel P. Wiesberg.

Spring 2005 | Volume 4, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 05

Nancy Locke on Manet’s Oceanic Feeling; Sarah Sik on John Scott Bradstreet and the Decorative Arts Revival in America; Elizabeth Guffey reviews A History of Modern Design; Alan C. Braddock reviews From Homer to the Harem . . .

Autumn 2004 | Volume 3, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 04

Susan Sidlauskas on Emotion, Color, Cézanne (The Portraits of Hortense; Alan C. Braddock’s Painting the World’s Christ; Greg M. Thomas reviews Orientalist Aesthetics; Amy Ogata reviews Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser . . .

Spring 2004 | Volume 3, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 04

James Smalls’ Slavery is a Woman; Phylis A. Floyd on The Puzzle of Olympia; Julie L’Enfant reviews The Rescue of Romanticism; Katherine Kuenzli reviews Édouard Vuillard . . .

Autumn 2003 | Volume 2, Issue 3
NCAW | Autumn 03

Dario Gamboni on Gauguin’s Genesis of a Picture; Lionel Gossman on the Nazarenes; William Hauptmann reviews Carolus Duran, 1837–1917; Kristi Holden reviews J.W. Waterhouse by Peter Trippi . . .

Spring 2003 | Volume 2, Issue 2: The Darwin Effect
NCAW | Spring 03

Special issue exploring the influence of evolution on nineteenth-century visual culture, edited by Linda Nochlin and Martha Lucy.

Winter 2003 | Volume 2, Issue 1
NCAW | Winter 03

Maura Coughlin on “Millet’s Milkmaids”; Paul A. Manoguerra on Albert Bierstadt’s Roman Fish Market; Janet Whitmore reviews American Sublime; Alan C. Braddock reviews Thomas Eakins: An American Realist . . .

Autumn 2002 | Volume 1, Issue 2
NCAW | Autumn 02

Annette Leduc Beaulieu and Brooks Beaulieu on The Thadée Natanson Panels; Sébastien Clerbois “In Search of the Forme-Pensée”; Karal Ann Marling reviews Candace Wheeler: The Art and Enterprise of American Design, 1875-1900 . . .

Spring 2002 | Volume 1, Issue 1
NCAW | Spring 02

Commentaries on the future of nineteenth-century art by Annette Blaugrund, Werner Busch and others; Joy Sperling on the Art Union in the U.S. and Britain; William Hauptman reviews Louise Breslau: De l’impressionnisme aux années folles . . .