Vision​ Statement

Founded in 2002, Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide (NCAW) is a scholarly, refereed digital journal devoted to the study of nineteenth-century painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, and decorative arts across the globe. Open to various historical and theoretical approaches, the editors welcome contributions that reach across national boundaries and illuminate intercultural contact zones. The chronological scope of the journal is the “long” nineteenth century, stretching from the American and French Revolutions, at one end, to the outbreak of World War I, at the other.

Because the nineteenth century represents the beginning of the formation of a “global culture,” the journal covers the visual culture of all parts of the world—from the Americas to the Far East and from Scandinavia to Africa and Australia. For too long nineteenth-century art historical studies have focused on France and, to a lesser extent, Great Britain, the United States, and Germany. NCAW’s editors make a particular effort to solicit articles that cover the arts in other areas of the world.

In addition to articles, NCAW publishes book and exhibition reviews. Here, the objective is not only to be timely (taking advantage of the speed of digital delivery), but to review books and exhibitions that might not get a great deal of press elsewhere, either because the subjects are outside the mainstream or, in the case of exhibitions, because they take place in less-accessible venues.

The goal of the journal, in sum, is the expansion—especially the geographical expansion—of the nineteenth-century canon, and, relatedly, the demonstration of the interconnectedness of the artistic achievements of different nations.